Diversifying Your Financial Portfolio

Indexed universal life (IUL) insurance can be a safe, smart way to supplement Social Security, Mutual Funds and other retirement savings plans.


Diversifying Your Financial Portfolio

An IUL policy can help diversify and balance the risk of your financial portfolio. It can give you more control, flexibility and options for your financial future.

Like many people today, you may have access to a 401(k) or other retirement plan.  And that’s a great first step toward saving for your future.

However, it’s important to understand there are limits with qualified plans, lie 401(k)s. There are limits on how much you can contribute annually. And there are restrictions on when you can access your money without penalties.

And when you do take your money out of a qualified plan, the money can be taxable to you as income.

As part of your financial strategy, IUL can help you protect your family and give you the opportunity to supplement your income when you retire.

It may be a good plan for you if you’re concerned about:

  • Providing for your heirs when you die
  • Having enough money to support your lifestyle in retirement
  • Potential market volatility now and down the road
  • An uncertain economy and inflation
  • Taxes going up

Indexed Universal Life can be a safe, smart way to supplement Social Security and your current retirement savings plans, such as traditional Roth IRAs, Mutual Funds, CDs, deferred annuities and qualified plans.

It can help you financially protect your loved ones and give you the opportunity to grown cash value for your retirement.

At age 71, he could start taking $50,000 a year in supplemental retirement income through age 100.  And as quickly as five years later, it’s possible he’ll have withdrawn more money in loans than he paid in premiums over 35 years.

By age 90, he could receive almost $900,000 in tax-free income.  And should he die around this time, he could leave his survivors with more than $400,000 in tax-free life insurance benefits.