Mutual of Omaha Announces Enhancements to their Administrative Services Plan Offering

OMAHA, Neb. (June 25, 2020) – As self-funded benefits continue to grow in popularity within the insurance industry, Mutual of Omaha has enhanced its Administrative Service Only (ASO) plan offering, available to the employee benefit market.

ASO plans are full-service arrangements where the insurer performs administrative services for the employer, such as issuing claim checks, handling appeals and calculating benefits while the employer group funds the plan and maintains an active role in the plan’s effectiveness.

“Enhancements to our ASO offering provides our customers  a more streamlined experience, flexible banking options and improved communications to our customers on banking and claims status,” said Scott Ault, executive vice president, Workplace Solutions, at Mutual of Omaha. “These enhancements are another example of our ongoing commitment to our customers.”

With Mutual of Omaha’s enhanced ASO plan, employers can select the following services:

  • Benefit calculations
  • Benefit payment checks for employees
  • Certificate booklets to employees
  • Standard reporting through Employer Access, Mutual of Omaha’s secure benefits administration portal
  • Appeals handling and fiduciary responsibility for claims (for Short Term Leave only)
  • Tax reporting
  • Flexible banking

These enhancements are available for groups with an August 1 effective date or after. Contact your Mutual of Omaha representative for more information.

About Mutual of Omaha

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