How Will Retirement Impact My Living Expenses?

Your living expenses may increase or decrease at retirement but will likely not stay the same. You may travel more, reduce business expenses such as eating out and transportation costs, perhaps your house will be paid off. Use this calculator to help compare living expenses now from the day you retire. This will also will help you to plan your saving requirements for the day you retire.

Monthly or annual figures?  
Itemized Income
Pre-Retirement Post-Retirement
Wages, salary and tips
Alimony, child support (received)
Dividends from stocks, etc.
Interest on savings accounts, CDs, etc.
Social security benefits
Other income
Itemized Expenses
Mortgage payment or rent
Vacation home (mortgage)
Automobile loan(s)
Personal loan(s)
Charge accounts
Federal income taxes
State income taxes
FICA (social security taxes)
Real estate taxes
Other taxes
Household repairs and maintenance
Clothing and laundry
Educational expenses
Child care
Automobile expenses (gas, repairs, etc.)
Other transportation expenses
Life insurance premiums
Homeowners (renters) insurance
Automobile insurance
Medical, dental and disability insurance
Entertainment and dining
Recreation and travel
Club dues
Major home improvements and furnishings
Professional services
Charitable contributions
Other and miscellaneous expenses