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Welcome to Mutual of Omaha's online medical provider search. You will be able to find a doctor or other health care provider close to your home, work or wherever you choose.

PLEASE NOTE: Mutual of Omaha makes every effort to maintain current and accurate provider data. However, periodic changes to provider status can occur. From time to time, providers will be added to the network or may discontinue their participation. It is important you understand that the provider information is being updated as we receive new information about providers and that providers may not be participating in the network at all locations they provide services. Providers with multiple addresses are considered participating only at the address(es) listed. Not all providers at a clinic or physician group are participating in the network. Not all facility-based physicians are participating in the network.

Because of this, You or Your dependent should confirm with the provider, before receiving treatment:

Special note for Texas Residents:
A facility-based physician or other health care practitioner may not be included in the health benefit plan's provider network.

If a provider is not participating in the network at the time of treatment, the covered services will be considered at the non-participating provider benefit level.

Mutual of Omaha does not supervise, control or guarantee the services of any participating or non-participating provider.

To ensure you receive a list of in-network providers specifically available through your health plan, please enter the last four digits of your Group ID number from the front of your Mutual of Omaha ID card:

Group ID:  G000

Where to find your ID number.

It is important you know your Plan Provisions. Benefits vary by plan. The online directory does not contain information about your specific plan of benefits. Some participating providers may not be available to all customers due to the plan provisions. Please check with your Plan Administrator or refer to your Benefits Document to see if your plan limits coverage or access to specific providers or services.