Life Insurance

Provides affordable coverage for a specific period of time. Payment amounts don't change for the guaranteed premium period.

Typically, proceeds from a Term Life Insurance policy may be used to cover needs like:
  • Pay off mortgage on your home
  • Provide an emergency fund
  • Help provide for a child's education fund
  • Pay off personal debts
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Term Life Answers® Term Life Direct
Customized Terms 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-year terms available Term to age 80
Eligible Ages 18-80* 30-74
Death Benefit Amounts $100,000 plus $25,000 – $100,000
Option to Convert to a Permanent Plan Yes No
Product Features
  • Straightforward, cost-effective term life protection
  • Additional benefits available
  • Can apply online now
  • No medical exam required, only a few health questions
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*Varies by product term chosen and risk class.

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Other insurance plans you may be interested in:

Premiums remain the same for the life of the policy. May build tax-deferred cash values.

Typically, whole life insurance is used to cover long-term needs like:
  • Cover final expenses
  • Supplement existing life insurance coverage
  • Provide a gift for an important young person

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Flexible, permanent life insurance protection that lasts for your lifetime or the life of the policy and may build tax-deferred cash values. You determine policy and payment size, subject to policy minimums. This coverage allows you to make changes to it as your needs change.

Typically, universal life insurance is used to cover long-term needs like:
  • Develop an estate plan
  • Facilitate business planning
  • Help provide money for education
  • May develop tax-deferred cash values for special situations such as retirement

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