Guaranteed Acceptance with Lifelong Protection.

Help protect your family’s financial future with a Whole Life Insurance policy for up to $25,000 from United of Omaha Life Insurance Company. Your loved ones will be left with choices – not just expenses.

Your acceptance is guaranteed if between the ages 45-85 with no physical exams or health questions to answer. Rates are affordable and never increase. In addition, benefits are never reduced because of age or health.

Policy Features:

  • Choice of benefit amounts for your specific needs and budget
  • Builds cash value that you can borrow
  • Benefits paid directly to your loved ones and may be used for anything
  • Your spouse is guaranteed acceptance for this protection, too

Why Buy Online?

  • Convenience of applying for coverage in a matter of minutes
  • Same insurance protection as buying through the mail
  • High level of encryption to help keep your information secure
Get answers to your questions today: (800) 556-9228 or Get a Quote & Buy Online

Or, you may choose to work with a licensed insurance agent.

Want coverage that is easy to apply for? Up to $20,000 death benefit guaranteed with no health questions.

You've always taken care of the people who matter most. You didn't want them to worry. Sure, it would have been nice to buy more life insurance when you were younger. But other things came first. Now you have another chance.

Whole Life Insurance pays benefits directly to the person you choose. It helps to take care of your outstanding medical bills, unexpected expenses or debts that you may leave behind. It's how you want things done.

Key Features

  • Cannot be canceled for any reason as long as premiums are paid
  • Rates never increase with age
  • Benefits never decrease