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Girl Scouts of the USA

Girl Scouts of the USA

Plan 3PI Questions and Answers

Q. How does Plan 3PI differ from Plan 3P?
A. Plan 3PI provides accident and sickness insurance along with travel assistance services for trips or events which take place outside the USA. Plan 3P provides accident and sickness insurance as described in the Guide in section 3, for trips or events which take place in or out of the USA. However, keep in mind that Travel Assistance Services are not included under Plan 3P.

Q. Are the Accident and Sickness Benefits different under Plan 3PI as compared to Plan 3P?
A. No, except to the extent that Plan 3PI includes travel assistance service benefits which are explained in the Description of Coverage section. Please note the return transportation and air ambulance expense benefits are provided by the AXA Assistance-USA Travel Assistance Coverage, and are higher than those under Plan3P.

Q. What are the additional AXA Travel Assistance Service benefits provided under Plan 3PI?
A. Pre-Trip Services, Travel Assistance Services, Technical Assistance Services and Medical Assistance Services. Medical Evacuation (which includes but is not limited to Return Transportation and Air Ambulance Services) and Repatriation services are payable up to a combined single limit of $50,000. All services are subject to the terms and conditions of a service agreement with AXA Assistance-USA. Services must be provided by AXA Assistance-USA. No claims for reimbursement will be accepted.

Q. When should Plan 3PI be purchased?
A. For International trips or events lasting more than two nights and not covered under the Basic Plan.

Q. If an event lasts four or five nights, will the first two overnights be covered under the Basic Plan?
A. No. The entire event is excluded from the Basic Plan, including travel to and from. An Optional Plan of activity insurance would need to be arranged through your Council to cover the entire period of the event.

Q. When counting the number of days of an activity/event on the Enrollment Application, do you include the beginning day and ending day of the event?
A. Yes. Since coverage for travel directly to and from an activity/event is covered, all days, including days traveled, should be included. For an event that starts Tuesday night and lasts till Sunday afternoon, coverage must be arranged for six calendar days. Please refer to the instructions on Applying for Optional Plans of Insurance.

Q. A registered participant decides, while returning from an event, to visit a relative or friend who lives nearby and becomes injured in a bus accident on the way to or while leaving their residence. Would the registered participant be covered under Plan 3PI for medical expenses or travel assistance?
A. No. This plan only applies to accidents and sickness which occur while traveling directly to and from the covered activity. Side trips or visits are not covered.

Q. A registered participant falls while hiking along a trail and hits her face on a rock breaking off two front teeth. Is the repair of the damaged teeth covered by this insurance?
A. Yes. Please refer to the Dental Expense Benefit as described in the Description of Coverage. Note that in such circumstances, it is recommended that AXA Assistance-USA be contacted immediately. They can assist in locating a dentist or doctor to assist the injured registered participant.

Q. If a Member loses a filling or breaks a false tooth, a bridge or a brace, would the dental work be covered by Accident and Sickness Insurance?
A. No. Only dental treatment to sound, natural teeth damaged as a result of an accident is covered by the policy. However, the travel assistance service company can help in such instances. For example, they can help find a local dentist to treat the problem. Again it is recommended that AXA Assistance-USA be contacted immediately.

Q. Suppose a group while leaving an event or upon returning home, becomes ill as the result of food poisoning contracted while attending the event, would this be covered by Plan 3PI?
A. Yes, if it can be shown that the group became ill due to food poisoning contracted during participation in a covered international activity/event. This is another situation where the travel assistance service company can be of service and should be contacted.

Q. Does a Claim Form have to be completed and sent to the travel assistance service company after using any of their services?
A. No. Claim Forms are not submitted to AXA Assistance-USA. They are not required.

Q. When are Claim Forms submitted under Plan 3PI?
A. For Accidental Death and Dismemberment or reimbursement of Accident Medical and/or Sickness benefits provided by United of Omaha as described in the Description of Coverage section.

Q. What claim form is used for Plan 3PI?
A. The same form used for the other Optional Plans (Claim Form M18979). See Section 6, How to File a Claim.

Q. For a coverage or claim question, how do we contact United of Omaha or AXA Assistance-USA?
A. United of Omaha s toll-free number is: 1-800-524-2324

AXA Assistance-USA can be reached at either of the following numbers:
When traveling within the U.S., call Toll Free: 1-800-856-9947
When traveling outside the U.S., call Collect or Direct: 1-312-935-3658


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For additional information about the insurance coverage available for registered members of the Girl Scouts of the USA, contact Mutual of Omaha Special Risk Services at 1-800-524-2324.

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