Critical Illness Exclusions Underwritten by United of Omaha Life Insurance Company or Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company

Benefits are not payable for any critical illness that:

  • Results, whether the insured person is sane or insane, from an intentionally self-inflicted injury or illness, suicide, or attempted suicide.
  • Results from an act of declared or undeclared war or armed aggression.
  • Is incurred while the insured person is on active duty or training in the Armed Forces, National Guard or Reserves of any state or country and for which any governmental body or its agencies are liable.
  • Results from illegal activities, including participation in an illegal occupation.
  • Is the result of the voluntary use of illegal drugs by an insured person; the intentional misuse of over the counter medication or prescription drugs by an insured person that is not in accordance with recommended dosage and/or warning instruction(s); or the excessive or harmful use of alcohol and/or alcoholic drinks by an insured person.
  • Is diagnosed outside of the United States.