Accident Insurance Exclusions Underwritten by United of Omaha Life Insurance Company or Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company

A benefit is not payable for any loss or claim which does not result from a covered accident or occurs more than 365 days after an Accident. A benefit is also not payable for any accident that:

  • Occurs in the course of any occupation or employment for an insured person with any employer for wage or profit, or for which the insured person is entitled to benefits under any workers’ compensation or occupational disease law or receives any settlement from a workers’ compensation carrier
  • Results from any bodily infirmity, sickness, or medical or surgical treatment thereof
  • Results from cosmetic surgery or procedures
  • Results, whether an insured person is sane or insane, from an intentionally self-inflicted injury or sickness, or suicide or attempted suicide
  • Occurs in consequence of an insured person’s being voluntarily intoxicated or under the influence of any controlled substance or alcohol (as defined by the laws of the state in which the accident occurred), unless administered on the advice of a physician
  • Results from an insured person’s intentional or voluntary use of poison, gas or fumes, whether by ingestion, injection, inhalation or absorption, including self-infliction of carbon monoxide poisoning emanating from a motor vehicle
  • Results from an insured person’s voluntary participation in a riot, commission of a felony, participation in illegal activities or participation in an illegal occupation
  • Occurs while an insured person is incarcerated or imprisoned
  • Results from an act of declared or undeclared war or armed aggression
  • Occurs while an insured person is operating, learning to operate, riding as a passenger, boarding, departing or jumping from any aircraft (including those that are not motor driven, such as a hot air balloon), unless riding as a fare-paying passenger in a commercial aircraft on a regularly-scheduled flight or while traveling on business of the policyholder or an affiliated entity
  • Occurs while an insured person is riding in or on any motor vehicle or aircraft engaged in racing, endurance tests, off-road activities (for motor vehicles), acrobatic tricks or stunts (for motor vehicles), or acrobatic or stunt flying (for aircraft)
  • Occurs while an insured person is practicing for, participating in or officiating any semi-professional or professional competitive athletic contest for which any type of compensation or remuneration is received by the insured person
  • Occurs while an insured person is engaged in skydiving, scuba diving, parachuting, hang gliding, bungee jumping, sail gliding, parasailing, parakiting, mountain climbing, base jumping, rock climbing or other similar high risk activities or extreme sports
  • Occurs while an insured person is on active duty or training in the Armed Forces, National Guard or Reserves of any state or country and for which any governmental body or its agencies are liable

All exclusions may not be applicable, or may be adjusted, as required by state regulations for the situs state of the policyholder.