The Dome usage is limited to two community events of 300 to 600 guests per month. The Dome is closed Sunday through Thursday and holidays. The Dome is not to be used for personal, political or religious activities or purposes.

Conduct at Event

Any group interested in using Mutual of Omaha’s Dome for an event assumes full responsibility for the conduct of all persons at the event. The host group will be responsible for any damages made to the premises by the group’s guests or independent contractors. All host groups must provide proof of $1,000,000 liability insurance.


Mutual of Omaha’s security staff is required to work all after-hours functions. Security responsibilities include assistance in the following areas: safety issues, crowd and traffic control, parking, deliveries and responding to emergencies.


Parking is available in the lots on the west side of the Mutual of Omaha building. There is limited parking available on the street. Parking is prohibited on the front drive of the building. Valet service is the responsibility of the host group and is limited to an insured vendor.

Alcohol Policy

Bar service must be coordinated through Mutual of Omaha’s on-site caterer, Eurest Dining Services. All bartenders must be hired by Eurest. If liquor is to be served, it is the responsibility of the host group to obtain a temporary liquor license and be in full compliance with all liquor licensing laws. Any guest may be asked to vacate the premises if his/her actions due to alcohol consumption are in question.


Prior arrangements must be made when any equipment, supplies and decorations are brought in or taken out of Mutual of Omaha’s facilities. All deliveries, including flowers, decorations and additional equipment must be made through the loading dock on the west side of the main building, which is located on 34th Street between Farnam and Dodge Streets. Campus map

Our front drive is an emergency exit so we do not allow vehicles parked in this area. It is your responsibility to inform contracted vendors of Mutual of Omaha’s policies and expectations. We will provide you with the contact information of a Facilities Coordinator, who will help you with these logistics.


The Facilities coordinator must approve all room decorations. Mutual of Omaha does not allow anything to be tacked, pinned, nailed or taped to any surface of the building. Candles are allowed only if placed in glass containers. Confetti or glitter is not allowed.

Smoking Policy

Mutual of Omaha promotes a smoke-free environment. It is the host group’s responsibility to inform their guests of this policy.


Musicians/DJs must stop playing at midnight and be off of Mutual of Omaha grounds by 1 a.m. Placement of bands, DJs, musicians and all entertainment must be discussed with Mutual’s Facilities Coordinator.

Handicap Accessibility

The Mutual of Omaha Dome is handicap accessible.