Protection for Business Owners

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company’s Disability Income Choice Portfolio® offers disability insurance policies designed to protect your business and extend vital coverage to you and your employees.

Business Overhead Expense Insurance

Business Overhead Expense Insurance helps business owners maintain their business in the event they become disabled due to a sickness or injury.

If you own a business, no matter how comprehensive your medical coverage may be, or how much individual disability insurance you may have, it’s important to have money available to help cover monthly expenses for your business if you become disabled. Expenses such as: employee salaries, rent, utilities, maintenance, taxes, interest on business loans, and so on.

Coverage is flexible and can be tailored to your business needs and budget.
And premiums may be tax deductible. Certain business professionals who are sole proprietors, partners and stockholders/employees of a business may use premiums for the policy as a direct business expense.*

Your business enterprise depends on you. That’s why it’s important to plan now. Business Overhead Expense Insurance is an essential part of financial protection for your business.

Disability Income Choice at Work

Disability Income Choice at Work is disability income insurance that can pay you and your employees a monthly income during recovery from a disabling sickness or injury. Protecting income is an important foundation for sound financial planning.

When the policy is offered as part of your benefits program, employees can qualify for coverage based on fewer health questions and at lower rates than if they were to purchase the insurance on their own. Providing access to important protection like this can win employees’ appreciation and build value in your benefits program.

All our policies can be offered as employer-paid or employee-paid (voluntary), allowing you to control costs or even add to your benefits program at little or no cost.

Disability income insurance can help employees protect their most important asset – their income. Make this essential insurance part of your benefits program today.

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Disability Income Choice at Work offers…

Flexible Solutions
Policies can be tailored to best fit your benefits program and the needs of your employees. There are three policies to choose from:

  • Accident Only Disability Insurance
  • Short-term Disability Insurance
  • Long-term Disability Insurance

Benefit Enhancement
If you currently have group long-term disability insurance, our policies can help you offer important added protection or extend coverage to employee groups that are not currently covered.

You can offer employees the opportunity to learn about this important coverage at the workplace and provide them the convenience of payroll deduction of their premiums.

When you consider Business Overhead Expense Insurance or Disability Income Choice at Work, be sure to work with a licensed insurance agent who can help you review your needs and choose the best solutions.