Disability Insurance Glossary

Here are common terms associated with disability insurance and a few of the benefits and options offered with our policies.

Note: This is a partial list. It does not show all the benefits and options offered in our disability policies. Benefits and options may vary by state. Consult with a licensed insurance agent.



  • Benefit Period

    The number of months the disability insurance policy would pay you benefits, after the elimination period is satisfied.



  • Elimination Period

    After a disabling injury or sickness, the number of calendar days before your disability insurance policy would begin to pay benefits.



  • Guaranteed Renewable

    Our disability insurance policies are guaranteed renewable up to age 67. During that time, we cannot cancel your policy as long as your premiums are paid when due.



  • Income

    A maximum monthly benefit amount is determined based on your gross annual earned income. The maximum is intended to help you sustain your standard of living during the benefit period of your policy.

  • Issue Age

    Premiums are based in part on your age at time of purchase and then remain level. Your premiums can only be changed if premiums are changed for everyone who has the same insurance policy from Mutual of Omaha.


  • Medical Underwriting

    Disability insurance is medically underwritten using guidelines that help determine the premium rate. Even if you have a chronic medical condition, you still may qualify for disability coverage.

  • Monthly Benefit

    The amount the disability insurance policy would pay you each month during the benefit period, after the elimination period is satisfied.


  • Occupation

    Disability insurance premiums are based in part on the amount of “risk” involved in an occupation. Your job is part of an “occupational class” that helps determine your premium. Not all occupations qualify for disability insurance.


  • Portable/Portability

    Your ability to retain benefits when switching employers.

  • Preferential Rates

    If you are a member of a qualifying association or self-employed, you may qualify for a preferential premium.

  • Premium

    The monthly amount you pay to keep your disability insurance policy inforce. Initial premiums are based on issue age, occupation, benefit period, elimination period, monthly benefit amount and any optional coverage you select.



  • SIS - Social Insurance Supplement Benefits Rider (Form 0LL3M) (additional premium applies)

    Available with our Long-Term Disability policy, pays you an additional monthly benefit when you don’t qualify for social insurance, such as Social Security or Workers’ Compensation.

  • Survivor Benefit

    Included in our disability insurance policies (except the Business Overhead Expense policy), if you die while disabled, we will pay your beneficiaries a lump-sum amount equal to three times the total disability monthly benefit payable at the time of your death.


  • Terminal Illness Benefit

    Included in our Short-Term and Long-Term Disability policies, this benefit provides you the option to accelerate up to 12 months of disability benefits if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.