Services that we provide for our annuitants include:

Direct Deposit. This free service allows you to have your annuity payments directly deposited into a checking or savings account. Complete the Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement form to have your annuity payments sent electronically to your bank account.

Tax Withholding. You can elect to have Federal and State taxes, if applicable withheld from your annuity payments. You may reduce, increase, or remove your Federal or State Income Tax withholding using IRS form W-4P.

Tax Statements. Each year, we will issue a 1099R at the end of January for your tax records. Even if you do not file taxes, you will receive a tax statement.

Annuity Certificate. Upon commencement of your benefit, if applicable, you will receive a copy of your Annuity Certificate showing your elections. You may also request a copy of your Annuity Certificate if yours is misplaced.

Income Verification. We can provide a verification of your pension benefits to third party agencies requiring proof of your income.