Mutual of Omaha’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Group is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of our company’s diversity programs. They provide focus and direction for diversity and inclusion initiatives and business results. They also strive to enhance the overall diversity of the work environment.

The group consists of representatives from all of Mutual of Omaha’s strategic business units and operations. These individuals are our champions for diversity and inclusion, within Mutual of Omaha, throughout the community and with business clients.

The Diversity and Inclusion Action Group's Objective's are:

  • To support corporate diversity initiatives and best practices
  • To establish areas of focus (best practices, training and education, community involvement, etc.) that will help the company achieve business results
  • To provide input on implementation of approved initiatives

Bringing culture, history and music together, the Mutual of Omaha Gospel Choir was formed in 1983 as part of the company’s Black History Month celebration. Today this affinity group is made up of talented individuals with a variety of ethnic backgrounds. They come together to spread joy, promote unity and to celebrate diversity at Mutual of Omaha as well as throughout the community.

The choir takes pride in its longevity, which is attributed to the social and spiritual connection that the members provide each other, and to the company’s environment. While the choir is set in a corporate environment, their love for God, their company and the community illuminates through every song they sing.

The choir regularly performs at various company and community events, and has performed for dignitaries, including President George W. Bush.

Through the formation of its Employee Resource Groups, Mutual of Omaha has engaged employees in its diversity and inclusion efforts.

These groups not only allow employees to connect with others who share similar interests or backgrounds, they contribute to the personal and professional development of those involved. These groups also provide the company with diverse insights and perspectives on a variety of business initiatives.

Currently, Mutual of Omaha has four active Employee Resource Groups and is exploring opportunities for other niche groups. The existing groups include:

  • Black Employee Resource Group – The Black Employee Resource Group exists to encourage the recruitment and retention of diverse associates. The group sponsors educational activities and networking events that nurture business and leadership skills as well as provides volunteer opportunities throughout the community.
  • Emerging Leaders Network – This group supports the personal, professional and civic leadership qualities of the company’s next generation of leaders. The group’s goal is to provide Mutual’s emerging leaders with a forum for development through informative lectures, discussions and personal interaction.
  • Latino Employee Connections – This group provides employees with a forum to communicate and exchange ideas, build a network of relationships across the company, access volunteer opportunities and support career development and mentoring.
  • Women In Leadership – This group aims to attract, develop and retain women leaders. The group sponsors mentoring and educational activities as well as networking events that nurture the business and leadership skills of its members.

One way Mutual of Omaha embraces the diverse cultures of our employees is through education opportunities, recognition and activities. Managers and employees are invited to attend Managing Inclusion and Exploring Inclusion courses to help them explore the meaning and value of diversity in the workforce. This helps employees and managers understand the value of creating an inclusive culture that increases engagement and collaboration. It also promotes opportunities to utilize the individual strengths of our employees to accomplish our business goals.

Employees regularly participate in observances such as Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Women’s History Month. From motivational speakers to outside entertainment and cultural menus served in our cafeterias, employees gain a greater understanding of our diverse culture.