Internships and Scholarships

Mutual of Omaha seeks to develop and retain employees from all walks of life, recognizing that a diverse and inclusive workforce has a positive influence on the company’s overall success. And, through our internship programs, students both in high school and college can gain valuable real world experience and exposure. Two of our internship programs that support diversity and inclusion include:

  • INROADS has been an active part of Mutual of Omaha’s internship program for more than 10 years. Numerous INROADS students participate in a two- to five-year internship within a business unit matched to their career related interests. Upon completion of the internship, students have an opportunity to apply for, and pursue, regular employment at the company.
  • NorthSTAR stands for North Students Training for Adult Roles. Beginning in 1992, this program links Mutual of Omaha’s Information Services Operation with Omaha North High School. The program includes mentorship opportunities as well as internships in our Information Services area.

Acknowledging that today’s students will become tomorrow’s leaders, Mutual of Omaha recognizes the talents and accomplishments of minority students as they pursue further education and training through the following scholarship programs:

  • Mutual of Omaha Actuarial Scholarship for Minority Students – Awarded to undergraduates preparing for actuarial careers. This $5,000 award, which is paid in equal installments during the school year, is contingent upon the recipient’s continued satisfactory preparation for an actuarial career. To learn more or view scholarship guidelines, view the application form.