Solutions for Gift Annuity Programs

Solutions for Gift Annuity Programs May Help Charities Optimize Their Time and Efforts

As charities strive to become more efficient, cost effective and prosperous, Our Solutions for Gift Annuity Programs may help them realize these objectives - and further their fund-raising activities in dynamic new ways.

Benefits for Charities

A group annuity product underwritten by United of Omaha Life Insurance Company, Solutions for Gift Annuity Programs provides:

  • Release of gift annuity reserves
    Free up a portion of your reserves* – money you can use now for immediate expenses, new investment opportunities, or expanded fund-raising programs
  • Transfer of mortality and investment risk
    Shift the mortality, investment and inflation risks to us
  • Rely on financial strength from a name you can trust
    Put our 45 years of annuity experience to work for you
  • Minimize administrative burden
    Rely on our proven processes, system supports and dedicated staff
  • Select which annuities to insure
    Purchase annuities for only the gifts you choose
  • Lower your premium rates
    Retain more of the donor's gift with group rate assumptions

Shared Commitment to the Future

Our values, traditions and long-standing charitable pursuits make us compatible with charities and foundations. We share charities' vision of a better tomorrow - and we actively look for ways to make that happen.

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