IRAdvantage Wealth Manager®

Fixed annuity for tax-qualified retirement funds

For people whose principal goal is the security of guaranteed, immediate income for a lifetime or specified period, IRAdvantage Wealth Manager may be the right choice. A fixed immediate annuity, IRAdvantage Wealth Manager is an effective financial option to convert all or a portion of savings from an employer-sponsored 401(k), pension or profit-sharing plan, or Traditional IRA to reliable income at retirement.

It offers these important benefits:

  • Immediate, regular income for life or a specified period
  • Stability – fixed annuity payments not subject to market fluctuations
  • Institutional pricing for maximized benefits at an affordable cost
  • Continued tax deferral1
  • Multiple payout options
  • Optional cost-of-living adjustment

We offer flexible commissions to meet the specific needs of each case.

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