Annuity Income Plus®

An institutionally priced annuity for your clients'
after-tax assets.

Help Simplify Your Clients' Finances

Available to clients with an existing qualified annuity from United of Omaha, Annuity Income Plus allows annuitants to supplement their retirement income with regular annuity payments from their nonqualified assets (personal savings, investments, inheritances, etc.). With our Annuity Income Plus, they can receive a single benefit check – from a single insurer they know and trust.

Product Highlights

  • A fixed annuity for nonqualified funds
  • Immediate, regular income for life or a specified period
  • Increased retirement earnings, in just one benefit payment
  • Multiple payment choices, with a return-of-premium option
  • Institutional pricing for maximized benefits at an affordable cost
  • Stability (fixed annuity payments aren't subject to market fluctuations)

Cross-Selling Opportunities

Expand your product portfolio today with Annuity Income Plus. It's a natural complement to our popular IRAdvantage Wealth Builder® and IRAdvantage Wealth Manager® rollover annuities for qualified money, as well as our Pension Guard® and Retirement Annuity Solutions® products.

Contact us to learn how Annuity Income Plus can help you consolidate and streamline your clients' wealth management strategies. And be sure to ask about our flexible commission structure.

Contact Us

For more information, or to request a quote on any of our group retirement products, please contact one of our regional sales managers. You may also request a quote by calling 1-800-843-2455 or by faxing a request to (402) 351-2176, Attn: Group Annuity Sales.