LTD Plans for Medical Professionals and Attorneys

LTD Plans for Medical Professionals and Attorneys

Medical professionals and attorneys have unique disability insurance needs. They have invested significant time and resources obtaining the education and knowledge required for their profession. Most disability insurance options do not adequately protect the incomes of these highly paid professionals. Our LTD plans for medical professionals and attorneys are designed to meet their distinctive income protection needs.

Specialized Definition of Occupation for Physicians Available to Age 65

Our specialized definition of occupation for physicians recognizes the specialty or sub-specialty that a physician practices. It is designed to better protect income by considering the specific duties doctors perform. For example, a neurosurgeon who is unable to perform surgery due to a disability could be considered disabled if he or she has a loss of income and is unable to perform duties of that specialty.

Earnings Freeze for Progressive Illness

This option helps to protect a covered person’s disability benefit if they experience a reduction in earnings over time. It is used if a covered person contracts a progressive illness that will eventually result in disability, but wishes to continue working. The benefit amount is determined based on the covered person’s income at the time they provide proof of diagnosis, or their income at time of disability, whichever is greater.

Infectious or Contagious Disease Benefit For Health Care Workers

The infectious or contagious disease benefit helps protect health care workers in the event they contract a disease classified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and experience a loss of income. This would apply when a health care worker contracts an infectious or contagious disease that is not disabling, but the condition threatens the well being of patients, resulting in a loss of income.

Recovery Income Protection

Disability benefits typically stop when an employee’s disability ends. After a return to work, benefits may continue for a number of months or until the employee’s current earnings exceed a certain amount, whichever comes first. This option helps cover any income gap after an employee goes back to work following an injury or illness.

Revenue Protection

This option helps a business that relies on its key employees for a large part of its revenue. If an employee becomes disabled and is receiving benefits under the plan, an extra monthly benefit is paid to the employer for a predetermined number of months.