Flexible Dental Benefits Complete the Total Ancillary Benefits Solution Underwritten by United of Omaha Life Insurance Company or Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company

Build your commissions and client persistency by offering a bundled benefits package that combines popular insurance plan options, smooth administration and excellent service.

What Makes our Product Different

  1. PreventiveEdgeSM
    • Preventive services don’t apply to annual maximum
    • Employees with need for major services have more coverage dollars available
    • Ideal for families who make frequent trips to the dentist for preventive care and want to have larger maximums available for costlier procedures
    • Not widely available in the industry
  2. Annual Maximum Rollover
    • Unused maximum dollars roll over to the next year, up to two times maximum
    • Participants with minimal plan use in a given year can enjoy higher maximum benefit amount in subsequent years
    • Enhanced maximums in future years help make the plan more valuable to keep in place
    • Upon mid-year takeover cases, maximum benefits reset to zero, offering simplified installation for employers and more coverage allowance for employees
  3. Flexibility to move select benefits between covered classes
    • Allows you to design benefits levels for each type of service based on client needs (i.e. move endodontic and/or periodontal services from Type C to Type B)