Income Annuity with Premium Return

Underwritten by United of Omaha Life Insurance Company

Income Annuity with Premium Return is a single premium immediate annuity that could be a good fit for a portion of your retirement savings:

  • A safe place for your money with a guarantee that your money can be left to your heirs
  • Receive annual income payments that are competitive with options like certificates of deposit and money-market accounts

Who needs this?

Income Annuity with Premium Return might be right for you if:

  • Want to leave a legacy for your heirs – the beneficiary(ies) you select will receive the full amount of your initial payment upon death
  • Want to receive guaranteed income –you can receive guaranteed income payments to use however you wish
  • Don’t want risk – your initial payment is guaranteed to go to your heirs upon death and won’t lose value

Payment Options

  • Life Only – payments for the annuitant’s life
  • Joint Life – payments for the annuitant’s and joint annuitant’s life