Our Family is Growing

Every member of our Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company family pulled together in 2013 to benefit our customers. And our customers responded. We now count, as of Dec. 31, 2013:

  • More than 3.47 million individual product customers
  • More than 8.2 million members and 28,500 employer groups

A Strong National Presence

Mutual of Omaha maintains individual and group sales offices and Mutual of Omaha Bank offices nationwide.

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You Can Count on Us

More than $3.3 billion in benefits to our customers in 2013

  • Businesses and employees – 58,000 claims and $500 million in benefits
  • Individuals and families – 25 million claims and $2.8 billion in benefits

Protecting You and Your Family

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company (Mutual of Omaha) and its affiliate companies work together to offer you a wide range of products and services that provide financial protection and help families, individuals and small businesses achieve their financial goals throughout all stages of life.

Preparing for the unexpected.

Nancy Hofer was able to maintain her lifestyle and her independence thanks to the life insurance policy her husband purchased with the help of their insurance agent Danny Smith.

We Keep Our Promises to You and Your Employees

Employee benefit plans play a key role in helping attract and retain a talented workforce. That’s why employers look to Mutual of Omaha for high-quality, comprehensive plans that help them control costs while keeping their employees healthy, engaged and productive.

The value of planning for the future.

Marketing Associates, based in Detroit, Mich., was looking to provide a top-notch 401(k) plan for their employees. They found what they were looking for at Mutual of Omaha.

Mutual of Omaha Bank – Financial Solutions Backed by Client-First Philosophy

With expert banking talent and a presence in communities across the country, Mutual of Omaha Bank stands strong as a trusted and unwavering financial partner, well positioned to weather challenging times. Mutual of Omaha Bank offers a full menu of financial solutions and emphasizes long-term relationships and value-added service.

The importance of reliable partners.

Gallup is owned by the people most responsible for its global success – its employees. Mutual of Omaha Bank is proud to partner with those employees as their financing partner.

Financial Growth

Mutual of Omaha’s capital position is strong. Thanks to our disciplined balance sheet management and investment strategy, as well as our prudent business philosophy, we continue to remain strong, stable and secure.

As of Dec. 31, 2013, Mutual of Omaha had $2.7 billion in statutory surplus, a key measure of an insurer’s capital strength. That $2.7 billion represents financial security for our customers and ensures continued future growth.

All numbers are presented on a GAAP basis unless otherwise noted.

Consolidated Assets

Total consolidated assets of $32.2 billion demonstrate our financial stability.

Policy Reserves

Policy reserves are funds set aside to pay future claims and other obligations to our policyholders. Policy reserves totaled $16.5 billion at year-end 2013.

Statutory Surplus

Statutory surplus represents additional funds available to meet current and future obligations to policyholders, and is an important indicator of an insurer’s financial strength. Mutual of Omaha’s statutory surplus remained very strong, finishing 2013 at $2.7 billion.

Investment Strategy

Mutual of Omaha uses a time-tested disciplined investment strategy to build the portfolios that support our products for our customers. Because Mutual of Omaha and our life insurance affiliate, United of Omaha, sell a broad range of insurance products designed to meet a variety of customer needs, we have developed sophisticated asset/liability management strategies to support the different obligations we have to our policyholders.

Mutual of Omaha

Invested Assets as of Dec. 31, 2013

Bonds 45.9%
Affiliated Companies Stock 36.7%
Cash and Short Term Investments 6.6%
Mortgage Loans 4.6%
Limited Partnerships 4.0%
Preferred Stock 0.8%
Other Invested Assets 0.7%
Real Estate 0.7%

United of Omaha

Invested Assets as of Dec. 31, 2013

Bonds 77.9%
Mortgage Loans 13.2%
Limited Partnerships 2.9%
Cash and Short Term Investments 1.9%
Other Invested Assets 1.7%
Policy Loans 1.3%
Affiliated Companies Stock 0.7%
Real Estate 0.4%

High Quality Bond Portfolio

Most of Mutual of Omaha’s and United of Omaha’s portfolio is invested in bonds. Our bond portfolio is very strong, with more than 95 percent rated as highest or high quality by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). We emphasize investments in those asset classes that can most effectively fund our insurance products while providing adequate risk-adjusted returns.

Mutual of Omaha

Bond Portfolio as of Dec. 31, 2013

NAIC1 (Highest Quality) 58.7%
NAIC2 (High Quality) 37.3%
NAIC3 (Medium Quality) 3.4%
NAIC4 (Lower Quality) 0.4%
NAIC5 (Lowest Quality) 0.1%
NAIC6 (In or Near Default) 0.1%

United of Omaha

Bond Portfolio as of Dec. 31, 2013

NAIC1 (Highest Quality) 51.1%
NAIC2 (High Quality) 44.5%
NAIC3 (Medium Quality) 3.6%
NAIC4 (Lower Quality) 0.7%
NAIC5 (Lowest Quality) 0.1%
NAIC6 (In or Near Default) 0.0%

2013 Consolidated Operating Results

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company and Subsidiaries Consolidated Balance Sheet

For the Year Ended December 31, 2013 (in thousands of dollars)

The information below is presented in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.

Investments $24,701,054
Deferred Acquisition Costs 2,498,136
Other Assets 5,034,809
Total Assets $32,233,999
Liabilities & Equity
Policy Reserves and Account Balances $16,484,513
Bank Deposits 5,021,484
Other Liabilities 5,993,784
Total Liabilities $27,499,781
Retained Earnings $4,572,409
Unrealized Investment Gains and Other 161,809
Equity 4,734,218
Total Liabilities and Equity $32,233,999

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company and Subsidiaries Consolidated Summary of Operations

For the Year Ended December 31, 2013 (in thousands of dollars)

The information below is presented in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.

Premium Revenue $5,281,053
Net Investment Income 1,121,344
Net Realized Investment Gains 51,764
Other 147,991
Total Revenues $6,602,152
Benefits and Expenses
Benefits Expense $4,363,178
Policy Acquisition Costs 734,013
General Insurance Expenses 713,546
Other 249,366
Total Benefits and Expenses $6,060,103
Net Income
Income Before Income Taxes $542,049
Income Taxes 182,801
Net Income $359,248

Mutual of Omaha Financial Ratings

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company and United of Omaha Life Insurance Company have earned strong ratings* from three major rating services: A.M. Best, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

A.M. Best Company
For overall financial strength and ability to meet ongoing obligations to policyholders

A+ (Superior)
This rating is second highest of 16

Moody’s Investors Service
For current financial strength and ability to withstand financial stress in the future

A1 (Good)
This rating is fifth highest of 21

Standard & Poor’s
For financial strength to meet obligations to policyholders

A+ (Strong)
This rating is fifth highest of 21

*Ratings only refers to the overall financial status of the company and is not a recommendation of the specific policy provisions, rates or practices of the insurance company. Ratings as of March 31, 2014.

National Sponsorships Help Extend the Mutual of Omaha Brand

aha moment

Mutual of Omaha is a proud sponsor of life’s aha moments – an aha moment is a moment of clarity, a defining moment where you gain wisdom that can change your life. Whether big or small, funny or sad, they can be surprising and inspiring. Watch for our aha moments tour in 2014 – it may be coming to your area and offer you the chance to share your own personal aha moment.

View recent aha moments at www.ahamoment.com

Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom

It’s the nature adventure show that started it all. Premiering in 1963, Wild Kingdom brought the world’s most exotic places and creatures right into America’s living rooms and became a Sunday evening tradition for families across the country. And now Wild Kingdom is as exciting as ever with a renewed online presence featuring fun and informative video webisodes hosted by our Wild Guide, Stephanie Arne. Our online initiatives are complemented by continued support of community programs featuring personal appearances by original Wild Kingdom co-hosts Jim Fowler and Peter Gros.


USA Swimming

Since 2001, Mutual of Omaha has been a part of the swimming community at the national and local levels. In 2013, we sponsored veteran and up-and-coming swimmers alike who make up our Gold Medal Team – these swimmers embody our shared values of excellence, accountability and teamwork.


Breakout! Swim Clinic

More than 10,000 young swimmers across the country have honed their skills thanks to Mutual of Omaha’s Breakout Swim Clinics. More than 100 clinics have been held across the country featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Josh Davis with an Olympic or U.S. National Team member.

Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool

The Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool is a made-for-television event designed to showcase the sport’s most exciting swimmers. In December 2013, we hosted our sixth bi-annual Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool, with Team USA going head-to-head with the European All-Stars in Glasgow, Scotland – Team USA recorded its sixth win in a row and remains undefeated.

Golf Sponsorship

Mutual of Omaha has a strong presence on the PGA Tour, represented by golfers who have a long history of success on the course. Collectively through 2013, our golfers own 85 professional victories and have been selected for seven Ryder Cup teams.


Andretti Autosport

Mutual of Omaha sponsors Andretti Autosport and one of the hottest young drivers on the IndyCar circuit, Marco Andretti. Considered the most consistent season of his career, Andretti finished the 2013 IndyCar campaign in 5th place in the championship standings. Over the course of the 19-race season, he had six top-five finishes, 15 top-10 finishes and led 259 laps.


Legacy of Caring

Our company was founded on a simple principle: to help people in time of need. We put that principle into action not only through our products and services, but also through our charitable giving and presence in the community.

Employee Volunteerism

In 2013, our employees contributed more than 5,800 volunteer hours to the communities in which they live and work. More than 1,000 employees in 28 communities across the country took part in the company’s nationally coordinated volunteer effort, National Month of Caring.

Mutual of Omaha Foundation

The Mutual of Omaha Foundation believes the best way to accomplish its mission to break the cycle of poverty is by investing in programs and organizations that demonstrate impact with specific outcomes. In 2013, our Mutual of Omaha Foundation approved grants totaling more than $8.6 million. Learn more about our foundation.


Mutual of Omaha Foundation

Corporate Leadership

Collaboration and a strong customer focus propelled us to one of our most successful years ever in 2013.

Our Vision – We will be the kind of company our customers value and people admire

Our Mission – We will provide insurance, financial and banking products that help our customers through life’s transitions. We will back our products with fair and timely service, and pursue operational excellence at every level. Above all, we will maintain the highest degree of integrity in all our interactions.

Learn more about our strong leadership and corporate governance.

Closing Message from Our Chairman

When it comes to building and protecting your financial future, it’s wise to inquire about the strength of the companies in which you place your trust. Rest assured that we are strong, stable and secure and more than able to keep our commitments to you, our customers.

Thanks to a consistent strategy that emphasizes growth in core products, a strong extended product portfolio and new business ventures that complement our strengths, we have built a solid financial foundation.

With our focused business strategy, disciplined investment practices and talented, engaged workforce, you can have confidence that we will remain committed to helping you through the transitions we all face in life.

Dan Neary
Chairman, Mutual of Omaha