Arizona Small Business Association

Products Underwritten by Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, United of Omaha Life Insurance Company

As a member of the Arizona Small Business Association, you're eligible for a variety of insurance products with benefits not available to the general public.

We Provide:

Long-Term Care Insurance

Provides coverage when the need for long-term care arises to help protect your independence and assets. Qualified Association members will receive a 5% premium discount

Disability Income Insurance

Short-term and long-term benefits for loss of income because of covered injuries and illnesses. Qualified Association members will receive a 15% premium discount.

Life Insurance

Provides you and your loved ones the security to help protect against the financial risk associated with death. It can also help you reach your financial goals. Qualified Association members will receive a free benefit enhancement.


Helps provide guaranteed lifetime income payments and flexible payout options to help meet your financial needs.

Arizona Small Business Association

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