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We have been able to help individuals like you meet their financial goals. To do that,
we draw on a wide range of insurance and financial service products to fit your
individual needs. Here are areas where we can help:

Build Your Business, See How We Can Help You

Build Your Business
  • Protect the business owner and retain key employees
  • Provide help with succession planning for your business
  • Attract and retain employees

Product Offerings

Employee benefit plans, Insurance plans (life, disability and health), 401(k) and other retirement savings products, Key person plans, Business overhead expense plans

Questions to Consider

  • How will you ensure your heirs receive a fair price for the business if you die?
  • How will your business continue if a key employee died or became disabled?
  • What are you doing to attract talented employees?

Protect Your Lifestyle, See How We Can Help You

Protect Your Lifestyle
  • Allow your family to realize their goals if you die prematurely
  • Provide an income if you became disabled and couldn't work
  • Preserve choice and help pay out-of-pocket for long-term expenses
  • Supplement your ability to pay expenses related to a critical illness
  • Preserve your choice of doctors and help pay for medical expenses in retirement

Product Offerings

Life insurance, Disability insurance, Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance, Critical Illness insurance

Questions to Consider

Plan for the Future, See How We Can Help You

Plan for the Future
  • Send children to college
  • Supplement your retirement income
  • Start a business
  • Provide for a special-needs dependent

Product Offerings

College savings plans, Life insurance, Disability insurance, Critical llness insurance, Wealth Accumulation Products, Annuities, 401(k) and other retirement savings products

Questions to Consider

Stay on Course in Retirement, See How We Can Help You

Live Well in Retirement
  • Save for retirement
  • Plan to conserve your retirement income
  • Invest in IRAs and other retirement plans
  • Protect your nest egg
  • Conserve your assets with estate planning
  • Leave a financial legacy

Product Offerings

Medicare supplement insurance, Long-Term Care insurance, Annuities, Life insurance, Wealth Accumulation Products, 401(k) and other retirement savings products

Questions to Consider